About Me

The developer of mobile and desktop games and applications with 3 years of experience. Responsible, sociable, mastering new technologies and languages. Command work. My main specialization is the game development. I started my career with the development of gaming interfaces (Unity, Unreal Engine), continued it with work on mobile games (online, IAP, ads), now I'm interested in the game server side and Python. Also, i have experience with VR and AR games, including Steam-release.

Contact Details

Alexey Buravov
Kazakhstan, Almaty


Almaty university of power engineering and telecommunications

Bachelor of engineering and technology May 2017

Specialty: space technics and technologies. I studied physics, ballistics, engineering graphics and automation in space direction.

The International Information Technology University

Master August 2020

Speciality: Project Management.



Developer May 2017 - at present

Unity3D VR and AR project. Server side on python. Voice assistant project (Yandex services).


Main developer January 2017 - April 2018

Worked on single-player and online games. Technologies: Unity3D (C#), Java (Netty, Jetty). Full development cycle, releases in Google Play, App Store, Aptoide, work on in-app purchases and ads services (Unity Ads, AdMob, Appodeal).

Singularity Lab

Unity 3D/Unreal Engine developer October 2015 - December 2016

Worked on the software for the interactive museum of the company EmbaMunayGaz (Technologies: Unity3D, Unreal Engine). Developed games and applications for VR and AR on Unreal Engine 4. Steam-release.


I actively study new technologies.

  • Unity game engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Python
  • C# desktop
  • Web (HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP)
  • Arduino


Alexey Buravov
Kazakhstan, Almaty