Simple Localizator

Simple plugin for localization to all languages

Qiuck start

1. Import plugin to your Unity project.

2. Create Resources folder in your Assets folder (if not exist)

3. Create LabelsData scriptable object in your Resources folder (if not exist). Right mouse click in Resources->Create->SimpleLocalizator->LabelsData

4. Set your labels for translating in LabelsData.
Also, you can export/import your data to .csv file ("Assets/Resources/translations.csv").

5. Add MultiLanguageTextUI component to your UI-texts and set id for each:
Also you can use MultiLanguageTextMesh for 3D-Texts and MultiLanguageImage for multi-language UI images.

6. For change language in app:
using SimpleLocalizator;
LanguageManager.currentLanguage = SystemLanguage.english;

On example scene (Assets/SimpleLocalizator/Example/Example.unity) you can change language by "Switch Language" button.


Alexey Buravov
Kazakhstan, Almaty